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The skills our students acquire are going to be very valuable for all of us, regardless of the details of changing technologies, evolving work flows, new regulations, and structural upheavals.  Our graduates will bring into the workforce a thorough knowledge of real-world skills, knowledge and practice that will help ensure the accuracy and timeliness of records, meet the needs of employers, and ensure progress in the generations to come.  As qualification and curriculum development consultancy, we recognize an obligation to support students.

We are also firmly convinced that credentialing is the way forward for new graduates (as well as for the whole workforce), and student membership in ILM provides the best possible preparation for obtaining that new-professional credential and to use our CPD support to enhance

Since 2009 CareerNet has been engaged within the GCC and MENA delivering educational programmes and consulting services, online and on-campus for young adults and seasoned professionals seeking vocational and management advancement, accreditation and certification.  Our experiences are grass roots, hands on, and run deep. We began with traditional facilities based training to post high school level students.  This experience has brought insight to us and success to our students. Now we operate in a variety of training and education capacities at all levels of society with top educators and education stakeholders.  

Curriculum, training, teaching. For the Individual, or the Institution. 

Our methods never forget the value in each person, their goals, their growth, their opportunity.  

All of our work, actions, decisions, and goals are driven by the belief that every young Arabian, American, African, Asian, Briton, and E.U. student deserves an excellent education and, in order to achieve this, we must elevate the quality and prestige of work ready education. Here is how we’ve done it and continue to deliver education:

Respect and Professionalism

We act with personal responsibility, respect, and commitment to high quality work, to our clients, our partners and to each other.



We consistently approach even the most complex challenges with positivity, proactive solutions, and the assumption of best intentions.

Growth Mindset

We intentionally create opportunities to develop ourselves and others in order to learn and continuously improve.

Dynamic Leadership

We courageously take ownership, empower others, set bold visions, think strategically, and adapt to change.

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